About Us

Burdette FamilyWV Beef Jerky began in 1996 when a friend gave Wayne a piece of homemade jerky. He was determined to duplicate it, using a kitchen dehydrator. After juggling recipes, spices and processing, as well as consulting with world class chefs at The Greenbrier Hotel, he got his signature jerky. Wayne and Patti opened a processing plant in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia. WV Beef Jerky was formed under the name of B and B Futures, LLC. The company got its name from Wayne and Patti’s children, Bryan and Bethany.

The market for WV Beef Jerky contined to grow. Wayne and Patti worked jerky, their full time jobs, and raised their children. As with most small businesses, this one closed. Their priority was their family, and they realized they couldn’t keep that pace.

In 2012, with financial backing from a restaurateur and super fan of WV Beef Jerky, they tried again. With the USDA rules and regulations, getting the signature flavor was an issue. Wayne could not keep producing the inferior flavor. This partnership ended.

Despite the setbacks, friends and family have continued to agree that “Wayne’s Beef Jerky” is the best they’ve ever had. Folks wondered if they would again have the opportunity to purchase the WV Beef Jerky that their taste buds remember. Now, in 2021, WV Beef Jerky and the Burdette family are pleased to say, they’re making a comeback.

WV Beef Jerky is back on the market with the signature flavor and superior product. WV Beef Jerky has teamed up with Boyd’s Specialty Meats in California to develop a product that is second to none. There are no added sugars or fillers adding weight. Only the best ingredients are used in small batch production. After 25 years, the best beef jerky on the planet – WV Beef Jerky – is back! Please give it a try and let us know what you think.


Only A Mountaineer Can Make Jerky This Good!